As a one stop building services company complete package undertaken for all aspects off refurbishment works, refurbishment works are undertaken to suit individual needs ranging from converting loft storage space into useable addition to main house, useful for extra bedroom, master bedroom, offices to entertainment room and also kids playroom, this type of work is useful for creating and utilising space which sometimes is never fully used.

Some works will require inspection by building control during build works includes following works:- foundations, drainage, walls, roof, flooring, ventilation, energy efficiency and structural works.

Other internal works which may require approval are doors & windows, internal walls construction, electrics generally within kitchen and bathroom which needs to be certified.

Other refurbishment works undertaken ranges from changing house layout ranging from open-plan, by supporting and removing structural walls to adding a new cloakroom downstairs which can sometimes be slotted under staircase depending on headroom and location of stack-pipe, this addition is very useful for children, elderly family members and guests and avoids stairs to use main bathroom.

Perhaps you want a new bathroom in a different part of the house, this is sometimes possible once property is surveyed, main things to consider is location of stack-pipe and if possible to run services to new location, other things to consider is daylight to new bathroom, this can be achieved by adding, altering size of current windows or centralising to new locations to suit layout.

Other refurbishments works undertaken are complete property up-dating, this type of works are normally done when property are purchased and lay-out doesn’t suit requirement, as property are vacant major works are easier to carry out ranging from removing structural walls to running new services under floorboards for Mechanical and Electrical services.

For other works undertaken please see list of works we can offer as individual or complete project.