Through lounge (open plan) and chimney breast removals

Removing dividing wall between two separate living space can create open plan layout and brighten up space by utilising day-light spreading throughout the day, this can also be useful for creating different spaces within open plan.

Building Regulation consent is required for all aspects off structural alterations ranging from removing structural walls whether internal to external walls or removing chimney breast, services of structural engineer would be required to submit drawing to local authority for approval together with support sizes required and support calculations, non-load bearing walls can be removed without consent but needs to be determined prior to removal.

Chimney breast removal will also require approval from local authority and structural engineer may be required to submit requirement in writing together with support details, chimney breast are normally supported with gallow brackets within roof void and all ceilings and floor are patched up locally and made good, all above works requires approval from building control as works progresses.

Gallow brackets will not acceptable if adjacent property has had chimney breast removed whether fully or partial and chimneys breast are back to back and supported by gallow brackets if this is the case then steel beams will be required to be supported on flank wall.

Tips to determine if walls are load bearing if removing wall on ground floor is to check if directly above wall there is another wall, if there is then the wall is definitely load bearing and this wall will also be supporting roof structure within roof void, this wall can also be load bearing if there are no walls directly above as this could be supporting floor joists for first floor this can be checked visually by looking at direction of floorboards and joists will be opposite to floorboards layout, if the wall is supporting joist then this is definitely load-bearing and caution is definately required.

All structural steel beams are required to be cased in fire proof plasterboards and all disturbed works will be made good and painted.

All structural work requiring consent needs to be submitted in writing to building control department and inspection requested prior to commencement of works.